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Josh Kennedy

and from what I hear most sighted people get jobs through friends, family, church members, aquaintances at school or college, and other people they know who recommend them for the jobs. problem with me is I'm in a pretty rural area and jobs for blind folks are virtually non-existent.

On 4/27/2017 7:29 PM, Lisa Belville wrote:
I'd be interested in this, too, though frankly most of the work at home jobs I've found have been marketing schemes. Most of the legit work from home jobs I've heard of happen once someone has worked on site for a while and shows they understand what they're doing.


Lisa Belville
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I’ve been trying to search out information on some jobs that I can do
from home. (Since I have a pretty dismal chance at getting
transportation to go to work.) I can’t seem to hit on the right
keyword group or whatnot to do a search on learning transcribing,
general, medical, or some other specialization you might find. I
understand to look for a course where I can be certified (or whatever
it is called) but I find myself over loaded with information and can’t
decide what to look into. I tried searching for a course tailored to
the blind, but I kept finding courses on Braille transcriptionists and
I can’t do that (I’m not able to read Braille due to neuropathy in my
hands though trust me I’ve tried to learn it.)
I understand that there is a learning curve and doing this job is not
easy, but all I need is a point in the right direction that I need to
get started. I’m talking the right course, places to find work, and
possible hiccups I might run into. (Ones especially from accessibility
stand points.) My other choice was to look into proofreading, but I’m
not 100% confident in my English grammar or punctuation skills.
I’m willing to try most anything to be able to get some work that I
can do from home. I live in the greater San Antonio area and I know
there are jobs out there that I can do … but once again transportation
is a hang up for me. Where I live there is no public transportation
and I know there is a special transit for disabled people, but I’ve
never known those to be reliable for those looking for rides to and
from work.
I think I sound like a bit of a whiner, but I know that there are some
people out there blind or visually impaired who have jobs they do and
I’m sort of at a wall right now and don’t know where to look next for
ideas for some sort of employment. I don’t have education past a high
school degree and have done work from making candles, boxes, to
running the tech department (I miss that job) of a small web hosting
company and running customer service department for a grocery store
along with cashiering.
What sites can I use to look? Are there courses or places people
recommend to look at or use? Are they blind friendly?


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