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Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

There sure is. Two of them that I know of and can somewhat speak towards.

First is eyes free, which while it has the highest number of users and even some developers from google, it used to have a reputation for being an unfriendly place. There were a number of users who would be quite unfriendly towards users, even new ones and it really wasn't moderated. This has apparently changed now and I've herd that it isn't as bad, but I've sorta kept it as a last resort for lists to ask questions on.

The second is ViAndroid, I think it's called and is ran by a guy that hangs out here and on the list for NVDA. Just from the time I've been on it, it's been really good as far as it's users go, but there isn't as much information as you might find on eyes free. For general questions though, I would definitely recommend it.
Take care.

On 4/27/2017 7:06 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
Is there a list for Android users. I went to the site for, but I never could find where to apply to the list itself.

Bye for now,


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Yeah, I'm honestly not sure at this point what could be causing the inconsistencies in that one gesture. I'd really hoped that the double tap gesture would still be having issues outside of tb running, so it'd be easier to say it was strictly an issue in hardware, but since it's only with tb running, I really don't know.

Several little brainfarts had me curious if it could potentially be caused between the time that you issue the double tap, tb intercepts it and then it is sent as the command for a click item or whatever it's called, but in looking through the gestures assignment area of tb's preferences, I didn't see an entry for a single tap or double tap. The next closest entry I could find was in the keyboard shortcuts area, where enter is set to perform click, but in using the keyboard and playing with it, that seems to be slightly different than what a double tap is supposed to accomplish. It's been a while since I really got into android, so there are a lot of things I still need to read up on, but I did find under the talkback preferences an option to enable different levels of logging and some specific to the start and end to a gesture.
Once I find out again how to get access to those logs, I just might rejoin the eyes free list so perhaps a dev there can explain it. Either way, I do not think this is an issue with tb itself, else I'd think there would be a lot more users upset with it, so perhaps it's still somewhat caused by something in hardware too, a file that's missing or screwed up, who knows.

Before I return it for a replacement, I still also want to try both a factory restore and also a complete restore using what ever application is required to flash the firmware to it. I don't know if RCA devices follow close to the same process that I used way back when on the s3, but flashing the AT&T firmware back to it after I'd rooted it wasn't all that hard and the application was actually really accessible. I'd typically think that a factory restore would be enough, but I had a good friend of mine who had purchased a Nexus tablet and on trying to start tb for the first time, figured out that there were missing files that resulted in errors. It ended up becoming necessary to have sited help to do an update which finally got it working for him.
Take care.

On 4/27/2017 10:49 AM, Laz wrote:
That may be the problem he's running into although if it works fine
with TalkBack turned off if should also work fine with it turned on.


On 4/27/17, Carlos <> wrote:
It's always possible to have plain bad luck, especially with less
expensive hardware. It could just be that particular unit.
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unless the touch screen is made a bit different than mine? I don't know.
But I can tell you that I can double tap just fine on my RCA tablet.
Using audex helps because I get a sound and stuff when I double tap
and do gestures and stuff. the audex accessibility redefined app,
that is what i use.

On 4/26/2017 11:24 PM, Jeremy wrote:

So, I had an opportunity to test a double tap without tb running
and go figure, it worked perfectly, every single time. I made sure to
test different speeds of tapping, different amounts of force and the
double tap was flawless. I then had my wife remove the updates to tb
that had been added when I updated it and then we went back through the tutorial again.
Even inside the tutorial, in the part where it has you demonstrate a
double tap, it wasn't working as consistently as it had before we
started it back up, but we were able to complete the tutorial. Once
we'd gotten back on the home screen, we noticed some major
inconsistencies again with getting them to register. She was able to
get it working pretty well using one finger and then not at all with
another one. I had issues no matter what finger I tried, but I
noticed that I could tap it with the fat part right below my knuckle
and get it about every 5 or 6 times. I even re-updated tb, thinking
that perhaps some part of some mechanism that tb uses to intercept
the gestures was wigging out, but it still hasn't changed. We are
still able to completely turn it off and have them work correctly, so at this point, I'm completely boggled.

The last thing I thought of, which I've yet to try is doing a
complete factory reset of the device. This seems really stupid to me,
as I just received it this morning, but I honestly don't have any
ideas beyond that or any ideas of where else to go with it. As much
as I'd really love to get back into android, hopefully figure out if
a higher end phone is going to work for me, I'm thinking that perhaps
this wasn't the best way to go about it. rofllmao
Take care. :)

On 4/26/2017 6:36 PM, jeremy wrote:

Unfortunately, as much as I'd like it to, I highly doubt that
practicing a double tap beyond what I've already tried is going to
automagically cause it to start registering them differently. My
apologies if I didn't mention it before, but I'm not exactly new to
using a touchscreen. I've been using different touchscreen devices
every since I purchased the IPhone4, had an S3 with both ICS and then
rooted to use jellybean with cm10 for a short time, back to the
IPhone5, IPads and now to the IPhone6 plus which I've had since it's release.

My issue really wasn't from a lack of knowledge of the
gestures used for android, as they are for the most part equivalent
to those used in IOS, it was more so my confusion why most gestures
were working decent enough to use and that one was not. Now that I've
played with it even more, had an opportunity to tap it lightly, hard,
tap it slow and fast and yet see no difference, I really don't have any clues.

This isn't the first time I've herd of this type of thing on
an android device, but it's the first time I've actually seen it with
one I've played with. As you say, if you have detached the keyboard
and you're finding that the double tap gesture is registering as it
should, then perhaps it's something out of my control to fix or
re-configure, such as some weirdness in the display.

I've also tried to visit the preferences area of tb and enable
the one tap activation gesture, to see if it'd work as a workaround,
but it still doesn't perform a click on an element with raising your
finger and tapping once as it should. It does seem to make the double
tap work a little better, but it's still not consistent.

As I said before, I think I need to figure out a way to test
the difference between it registering a single tap and a double tap
and do it without tb running. It'd be my thinking that that'd be the
best way to determine if it's something specific to the accessibility
framework, so tb or EBT or something outside of it like the hardware.

Lastly, I also noticed an option in the settings for tb that
indicated that you could change the sensitivity for it registering
taps. I may be slightly off it the exact wording, but either way, I
also tried to adjust that to see if it'd change and it didn't.
Take care.

On 4/26/2017 4:48 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

I detached my tablet and was using it for a bit tonight, and
had no issues with the double taps and stuff. just practice with it,
you'll get the hang of it.

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On April 26, 2017 17:45:15 "Gene" <> wrote:

I don't use such devices but I would suggest experimenting
with the time between taps. Changing the interval may affect
performance. You indicated that keeping a finger on the icon
improves performance. This may be, in effect, interfering with how
the device gauges the time between taps and may be improving performance for that reason.

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two useful commands are control alt r for recent screens,
and control alt n
for notification screen. to review the screen press alt
plus up down left
or right arrow keys. to activate an item hit alt enter. to
long press, hit
alt shift enter.

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On April 26, 2017 5:19:30 PM "Carolyn Arnold"
<> wrote:

> Thank you for that information. Could you send me any
tablet specific key
> commands to:
> Thanks.
> Bye for now,
> Carolyn
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> if you use the keyboard, the escape key is back, and
home is f1 and
> settings is f3.
> On 4/26/2017 4:09 PM, Jeremy wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> First let me just say that I do not intend what so ever
to start any
>> arguments as to what platforms might be better, but my
experiences so
>> far with this new tablet haven't been good at all. It
was my hopes
>> that perhaps updating tb might fix some of the issues
I'm seeing so
>> far, but it hasn't done much for being able to navigate
around this
>> thing.
>> Beyond that, I'm hoping that perhaps something is
faulty in the
>> hardware, but either way, here is what I'm having
issues with, so
>> perhaps someone with more experience can help.
>> As soon as I got the tablet this morning, I followed
the instructions
>> here for starting tb. I'm familiar with using this
two-finger gesture,
>> as I'd used it before on other devices, but I
unfortunately wasn't
>> able to get it to work right away. I ended up locking
and unlocking
>> the screen, as was mentioned here previously, using one
finger to
>> flick up and then using the two-finger gesture again.
After a little
>> bit tb came up talking and took me to the tutorial
thing as I'd expected.
>> It was here that I started having a lot of problems.
First, the double
>> tap gesture seems to be very difficult to register.
From what I can
>> tell so far, the other gestures such as flicking aren't
as bad, but no
>> matter how slow or fast I try to double tap, it always
seems to
>> register it as me just touching the item once. I
noticed that it's a
>> little more reliable if I keep one finger on the item I
want to
>> activate and then use another finger to double tap, but
this isn't
>> always consistent either.
>> Another real gripe was actually making it through the
setup process.
>> One area specifically that I got stuck in was the one
where you can
>> select your wireless AP you wish to connect to. I'm not
quite certain
>> if it was the flick gesture screwing up, an issue with
that part of
>> the interface, or whatever, but I ended up in an area
where the name
>> of an AP here close to me was being repeated over and
over and over.
>> As soon as I'd use the arrow keys on the keyboard or a
flick right
>> gesture to try to jump to the name of my AP, I would
get the sound
>> from tb that something else had been refocused and it
would jump back
>> to somewhere else on the screen. Once I'd made it to
the name of my
>> AP, I tried to quickly use the double tap to activate
it, but once
>> again, it failed. I ended up having to use a mixture of
the arrow
>> keys, enter key, touching the screen to find stuff that
I couldn't
>> focus on with the keyboard and the flick gestures to
make it through.
>> Once I'd made it through setting up the tablet, I was
able to go into
>> the apps icon on the bottom and locate the play store icon.
>> using explore by touch, flicking and the keyboard, I
was able to
>> locate the search button and do a search for talkback.
I'd also been
>> somewhat familiar with this process from older devices,
so I already
>> knew what to expect as to installing/updating it. Once
I'd updated it,
>> I noticed that the navigation sounds had changed, but
I'm still having
>> major issues with actually moving around through the
UI. This is where
>> I'm hoping that maybe something is jacked up with the
screen, as to
>> why it's hard to register a double tap, but if not, I'm
not quite sure
>> I'd call this usable at all. I'll also note that in the
little I've
>> been able to play with higher end devices, such as the
s7, I didn't
>> seem to have issues with gestures like this.
>> For anyone else who might be thinking of purchasing
this, please keep
>> in mind that it doesn't seem to have dedicated hardware
buttons for
>> back and home. For those familiar with some of the phones that
>> actually have a home button you can feel, this makes it
quite easy to
>> re orientate yourself back to the home screen if you're
stuck or
>> whatever. While the tablet does have buttons going
along the very
>> bottom of the screen, back, overview, home, volume down
and volume up,
>> it appears to be necessary to use the double tap
gesture to activate
>> these, so that means it's stupidly hard to get them to work.
>> I then decided to locate the settings app and see if
there were any
>> preferences I might could change to help, which leads
me to my final
>> problem. I checked through everything I could find,
>> checked the TTS, looked at the TTS's speech rate, whent
back a bit and
>> turned down the brightness on the screen, pressed back
on the keyboard
>> to go back into the main settings again and poof, I
completely lost
>> speech. It didn't appear that tb had crashed, as I
still had the
>> navigation sounds that tb used when I used flick or the
keyboard to
>> move, but the speech from the default google TTS that
comes loaded was
>> completely gone. I tried to lock and unlock the screen
which didn't
>> work, so I ended up holding down the power button for
like 30 seconds
>> and everything was shut down. Luckily for me, when the
device came
>> back up, I had speech again. I've thought about
purchasing another
>> TTS, as one reason I tried it was for being able to use
eloquence, but
>> I'm honestly a little worried with what I see so far
from what I
>> assume is crappy hardware.
>> I'd really hoped that the 80 bucks I put into
purchasing this little
>> beasty would be enough to give me an idea if a higher
end device such
>> as a phone would be something I'd like changing to, but
so far as I
>> can tell, I'm not pleased at all.
>> It was here that I was hoping that perhaps it's just
me, something
>> screwy with the hardware that could be fixed, or that
perhaps someone
>> else had ideas on stuff I could try.
>> Hope everyone is well.
>> Take care.

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