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Oh, I can assure the tech support in the UK is not English.

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I think this is half the reason why I like apple more than Microsoft. You can call apple and ask a question and they go out of their way to give you an answer. Microsoft reads from a sscript and half of the time they do not know the answer. Apple accessibility is in the states and ms is over seas in india. Apple is open 24 hours and Microsoft is open only 12 hours I think. I wint in to the Microsoft store with questions and I left with the same questions because the people working there could not give me the answers and they did not even try to find out. I went in to the apple store with questions and they answered the questions and even gave me suggestions to solve my problem in different ways. I used to go to frys instead of bestbuy because, frys would help you with tec issues and bestbuy only wants to sell you something. For example, I brought my laptop in to the store to help find a solution to my problem. It was missing drivers. So the tec person fixed it and he did not charge me because the site with the drivers was not working with my screenreader and if it had, I could have fixed the problem. Bestbuy told me I had to pay 75 to 125 dollars and give my laptop over for 12 hours. So even if frysand apple charges a little more it is worth it because, they have better service. Heather

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Two things, Dave, I had a friend, dead now, but she always
said, "I don't know anything about a computer, wouldn't even
know how to turn one on."

The other thing is that we have a rather high-end department
store here in the little center by the apartments and a
chain, just a step above a Dollar Store that buys a lot of
odd lots. My husband was saying last night that it is
amazing to him how much more help we get in the cheap store
than in the high dollar, where they appear not to be
concerned as to whether we come or we don't come.
Consequently, we go there less, and it is surprising what we
end up finding in the odd lot store that works pretty well.
I'm thinking that we're not the only spokes in the wheel,
and that if we tend to go to Odd Lot more often, others
probably are doing that too. So, then High Dollar is going
to wonder what went wrong?

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Hello Olusegun,

Wow! Your story brings back a lot of memories of when I
spent time working the Technical Support Desk, and it is a
wild pressure filled job. Customers are angry and too many
need to vent their anger on you, often several times, before
they are able to settle down, to actually listen to the very
person who can help them out of their situation.

I can't imagine being given only 50 seconds to answer,
listen and solve a customers problem. I've had calls that
took 5 minutes just to calm the person down from their rant,
before I could even begin helping them. And if there is the
need for a Removal and a Re-install of the software, it is
easy to Kiss 30 to 40 minutes Good Bye. There are some
crazy situations that need to be un-tangled before a
solution can be implemented. I had a supervisor tell me I
should take no more than 10 minutes with any customer for
any problem. And again, this is coming from a Supervisor
that knows very little about computers, the sof5tware we
were selling, or the length of time it takes to clean up a
system, before a reinstall can begin.

And then some customers are not very good with their
Computers, and in fact, know next to nothing, other than how
to turn it On. Some leave their systems on all the time
because they honestly do not know how to turn them off! Not
Kidding! And then if they are older, and have difficulty
grasping what you are saying, or they cannot hear you
because they have a hearing problem, well, you see the
problem. Few calls are done in 10 minutes, and I would
guess none were actually done in 50 seconds. My word, 50
seconds! What Planet were your Bosses from?

I have always believed that if a Company takes care of its
Customers, those Customers will take care of the Company.

Sad to say, no one in Management has this same belief, and
instead treat the Customer as if they are the Enemy!

I am still thinking about the 50 second time limit you had
for helping someone. Incredible that management actually
thought a customer service person could answer and complete
a call in less than one minute!

Well, this all gets back to Money Honey. The Company makes
deep compromises when crafting the product, and then often
under staffs the Support department, so it is easily over
whelmed with support calls. And the brilliant answer from
management is to not hire the much needed extra support
staff, but to force what staff there is, to limit each call
to no more than 50 seconds. Incredible!

Sad to say, this is becoming the Norm, and not the
exception. The
Customer has become the enemy.

I see some good signs, a few Companies are once again
realizing Customer Service is a Good thing, and a very
Important part of keeping customers happy. I hope this
trend towards good service continues.

Grumpy Dave

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