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Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Lenron, rent is a fiasco now in Denver. You know, everyone came here to
prospect for oil from the Colorado oile shales; then, Colorado became what
Netherlands is to Europe! The only difference is that we call it marijuana
for medical purposes; the City Council here in Denver just voted last week
to allow pot shops to stay open until 10 PM effective tomorrow, Monday, May
1; previously, they had to close at 7 PM. California and New York City are
here, smoking themselves to ashes, <LOL>!!

As for the weather, it's the big thing that keeps me here for eternity! Low
humidity, winters are far more tolerable here than in the midwest. And yes,
I know the difference, I am an honored graduate of Indiana University,
Bloomington and I know how the humidity in Bloomington drove me off the wall
and snow never remembered to melt until mid-May. In the mountains, it could
be 16 degrees F., whereas in Denver, temperature will be 65 degrees F. It
has been snowing here since Thursday night, but NOT A SINGLE DROPLET of it
is sticking to the ground. That's Denver, the Mile-High City ... Got to
love the Broncos, Colorado Rockies, pat the Nuggets on the shoulders and
hope for the best for the team, and yes, don't forget the Colorado Rapids if
soccer rocks your boat! 54 mountains to boot for the Centennial State, the
closest ones about two hours drive away. I have a young chap who goes to
Fort Lewis College in Durango in the southwestern part of our great state;
it is a seven-hour drive away from Denver nonstop, or 14 hours round trip,
the latter being a-one way flight to Brazil from Dallas, TX. Want to see
where four states come together? Yes, it's right here in Colorado: Utah,
New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado all come together at the same point. No
kidding! It's a 9 and a half hour drive south of Denver!

For transportation, it is, for the most part, pretty good! Some bus routes
run 24 hours, not too frequent at night when the routes are reduced to every
40 minutes or so; otherwise, in the major areas, a bus is there every 7 to
10 minutes! Example, my store is located on East Colfax Avenue, same as
15th Avenue for us. Its buses are every 7 to 10 minutes without fail!
Where I live, 15 minutes from Denver International Airport, the bus is every
half hour until 2:45 A.M. daily. Then it shuts down for an hour and starts
up again at about 3:50 A.M. Our paratransit runs pretty much the same way
as the buses in terms of hours, but you do need to preschedule, no same-day

Want to come play ball with us at Savanna Coffee? Yes, there'll be two cups
of Cappuccino waiting for you
!! Four shots of espresso in each cup, more than enough caffeine to last a
day, <LOL>! Just tell us whether you want a large cup, or a venti cup, but
don't report us for making you drunk on caffeine!

Anyway, keep me in your thoughts and prayers; I'm almost there, the space to
be used for business is almost ready. So far, everything has checked out
with the City & County of Denver Department of Health, as well as the
building department. Hope to install equipment towards the end of May,
testing and training scheduled for June and, with God's help, the doors will
be flung open after July 4th and, if we happen to miss that date, first week
of August for sure!

Denver, Colorado

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