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Carolyn Arnold

Oh. I have some vibrating glasses, and they are pretty good. Nothing is going to be perfect, but they're better than not having them.

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Try this link the the Mini Guide website and you will find a link for the product manual which is in an MS Word .Doc format.

I've had one for about a year but I don't use it as often as I thought I would. There is definitely a learning curve to get used to the different vibrations and I don't like using the earbud option since I can't hear anything else around me. Also, the batteries seem to die fairly quickly so go on Amazon and buy some highly rated Lithium Ion multi packs if you are going to use it frequently.

Good Luck!


On 4/30/17, Joe Giovanelli <joegio100@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have just purchased a Miniguide and looking forward to receiving it.

I looked for a manual on the APH site. All I found was a cryptic set
of quick instructions.

Do you have any more info than I have?

I thank you very much.

Joe Giovanelli

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