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While the Galaxy S8 may be very accessible to a user who is familiar with Android devices, that might not be true of a totally novice user. About 3 years ago I began my first try at using an Android phone and because everyone on the Eye-Free list was saying it was so accessible, I bought the Galaxy S5 (at a rather high price, I might add). I was completely overwhelmed and after 2 or 3 months I sold it to a sighted user. Since then I have tried the Nexus 6P which was much more accessible with the improvements in Android and Talk Back but still every bit as expensive as the IPhones. I liked it but still had reservations so I gave it to my sighted grandson who absolutely loves the phone. I tried a Pixel but was under impressed with it for the cost and yesterday I received my MotoG 5+ and am delighted so far. For me, the Kindel Fire tablet was a total disappointment although I know that many people really like it. (It is the 7 inch and I would give someone a good price if interested) But for the money, I am pleasantly surprised at the ease of setting up and using the MotoG.
For now the IPhone is and will remain my main phone but I like learning both platforms and getting the benefits of both.

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On the Android list, I get the impression that the 8 is

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We are thinking about getting a phone. On TV, US Cell is
advertising a free Galaxy 8S upon sign-up. How about this
one? Is it a blind friendly phone?
Are any of yous using it? Are there tutorials out there.
My little wife and myself are completely mobile phone
ignorant. Anybody suggest, please.



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