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You can get phones that are not smart phones and without touch screens from lots of providers.  You don't have to stay with your current provider to have such a phone.  But what do you want, to switch providers and get a smart phone, or to switch providers and use a phone like your current phone?
And you may not have to switch providers after all.  I don't know anything about your provider but it's hard to believe they don't offer an option like mine.  I can call an automated service and pay my bill using a credit card by phone.  I never use the web site. 

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Thanks to those who tried to answer.

Yes, I've had cell phones since 1994--but only phones. Only made and
received phone calls.  No pictures, text, or internet.

The reason I'm changing at is that the pay-as-you-go service we have now
(virgin moabile) has changed their website so much that it's almost
impossible to pay.  And our bill is a month overdue and they will probably
close our account.  On TV, US Cellular is advertising a free galaxy S8 for
new customers.  Sounds like a deal--if it's a phone that I can use.

Thanks for your ideas.
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> Howard, you say that you are mobile phone ignorant; does this mean that
> you
> don't have a cell phone of any kind including any incarnations of the
> famous
> old Nokia toys of blessed memory?  If yes, where and how to get started
> can
> be an interesting proposition.
> Second, do you have any familiarity with the Android operating system?  If
> not, I don't recommend a Galaxy S8!  It is a high-end phone and reasonably
> pricey for someone starting out in Android land.  There are cheaper
> Android
> phones out there that may jolly well fit the bill until you have gotten
> your
> feet wet enough to venture farther afield.
> The S8 is relatively new; not very many blind folks are using it quite
> yet,
> but it's in the hands of a few.  It is COMPLETELY TOUCHSCREEN!  It comes
> preloaded with VoiceAssistant, Samsung's screen reader on the Android
> platform.  Yes, Android allows the use of more than one screen reader and
> more than one TTS engine.
> If you're looking for tutorial on the S8 from a blindness perspective, it
> will be a while before one begins making the rounds.  It is a new toy, and
> it hasn't gained sufficient popularity presently.
> Obviously, I didn't answer any or most of your questions.  I don't want to
> dig into much of anything without having a clear understanding as to
> whether
> or not you've never had a cell phone.  It may be helpful to know why
> you're
> desiring to tinker with a mobile phone now so that better suggestions and
> advice can be given.
> Sincerely,
> Olusegun
> Denver, Colorado

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