problum recording from mike line in to hed phone jack using mp3 derect cut since upgrading to newest windows 10 update please help.

Mich Verrier

hi all. last week before doing the update to windows 10 I managed to digitise a few audio tapes using mp3 derect cut and plugging one end of a cable to my hedphone jack on my tape player and the other end to my mike jack on my lap top and then messing around with the volume untill I got it right. how ever since upgrading to windows 10 the newest version after that I can no longer seem to do this. I have the settings as follows output hp speekers that is set at 3 and the next slider is set at 14.  and the out put is eather wave mapper line in it high definition o microfone it  high definition or microfone high definition id. before doing this newest update to windows 10 it workd just fine and I want to have it work again. I am just not shure what I am doing wrong. any help any one can give me with this would be grait. I had it working before where I could test plug the tape start it playing stop the recording and hear the sound back in my speekers and I can’t even hear that. I can hear my self say test 1 2 test 1 2 when I hit record and so I know that my sound card is working. I just can’t seem to get this to work. many thanks for any help any one can give me with this. from Mich.    

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