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But don't they have those NLS players? Or is NLS and bard different to begin with?

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You can't play books from BARD on a standard MP3 player.
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Subject: [TechTalk] What are the steps to use BARD?

A friend of mine this afternoon really encouraged me to consider BARD and getting an MP3 player. I told him it would be a while, because I want to get the tablet down first. Anyway, as he explained, I can see how I would really like it. He said if I got it, I could call him, and he'd help me too.

It would spare us and the library from so much mailing.

So, in very elementary terms, 1., 2., 3., I would appreciate it if someone would send the steps that I go through to use the service. I'll save and study them. Then in a few months, I think I'd really like to try it.

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