Re: Virtual Recorder utility not working correctly in Windows 10

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I must admit, I've had less issues with my 8.1 than my 10, but I never used 7, so can't comment about the performance of it.

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On 01/05/17 2:04 PM, Carlos wrote:
This is yet another reason why I still use Windows 7 as my primary
operating system. Other advanced users may crow about all the improved
hardware support and supposedly great new features, but at the end of
the day most users just want everything to work as expected. At least
once a week we're seeing one or two posts about how some device or older
program has stopped working. As much as I enjoy new technology, I am
displeased when something I have grown accustomed to using simply stops
working. I'm sure we'll all be forced to permanently upgrade
eventually, but Windows 10 is certainly not doing a good job at
convincing me that I shouldn't put that day off for as long as possible.

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correctly in Windows 10

I'm really happy I don't have Windows 10, or at least Windows 10 as
my only opption. Forced updates and no way to solve problems that
may be important to some users. I wonder if this means that other
programs, such as
Audacity, won't work either with this feature.

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*Subject:* [TechTalk] Virtual Recorder utility not working correctly
in Windows 10

Hello everyone,

It seems that the Virtual Recorder utility is no longer working in
Windows 10. Probably due to incompatibilities, the audio virtual
capture device is causing FFmpeg to completely freeze up. That's
what I get for not testing more often. I have no idea how long the
problem has existed so it could go back to the Anniversary edition.
Unfortunately, there's not much I can do about this until or unless
the developer updates the DLL. Recording via the sound
card/hardware audio devices still seems to work as expected, but the
ability to record anything playing through the sound card is
broken. You can still use your sound card's
"Stereo Mix"/"What You Hear"
option if it has that capability to achieve similar results, but
the primary reason for creating Virtual Recorder was for cards
especially on laptops that do not have that feature. My apologies.
I will of course post a fix if the DLL is ever updated, but
considering that the last release was made three years ago, I won't
be holding my breath.

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