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I'm not sure why that is.  Perhaps it's a problem caused by using a program Microsoft doesn't intend to be useed beyond XP.  As Carlos has pointed out, enough people have problems with Outlook Express in later versions of Windows that he doesn't recommend it to be used. 
Unless you have a particular reason for using Outlook Express that other e-mail programs won't meet well or reasonably well, it would likely make more sense to use another one.  The most similar to Outlook Express in terms of programs you can download and install is the old menu version of Windows Live Mail.  I believe you can keep Outlook Express on your machine if you have Windows Live Mail so you can try it while still using Outlook Express for now if you wish.  But in case my recollection is wrong, let's see what others say. 
I believe it works well or reasonably well in Windows 10 but again, let's see what people say.
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I am pretty sure the read as plain text  box wasn't checked and
nothing happened when focused on a link.

On 5/4/17, Carlos <carlos1106@...> wrote:
> You can either disable the
> "Read all messages in plain text"
> checkbox under
> "Options"
> on the
> "Read"
> tab so that messages are always displayed as HTML, or enable HTML view
> temporarily while focus is in the preview pane by pressing Alt+Shift+H.
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> Subject: [TechTalk] being able to click on links in email in Outlook
> Express
>> Hi, how do you set outlook express that when You receive a message
>> with a link in it you can just press enter on that link and it will
>> open?

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