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control panel, System and Security View and change system and security status, back up and restore file and system settings, update your computer, view RAM and processor speed, check firewall and more.

Require a password when the computer wakes
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I had to do it at both places on my 8.1. sorry if it's slightly different, netplwiz, I've tried on 10, but not this second work around. still, hope it works. ThunderBird

On 05/05/17 2:35 AM, David Moore wrote:

I am having the same problem. I have already typed in netplwiz, and I
have unchecked the checkboxes to not require a password when the
computer restarts or shuts down. But, my computer still wants my
password when it has just been sleeping. I have wondered a lot how to
fix this, and I have even asked on lists. It just started with creators
update. If I close the lid of my laptop just for a second, it locks the
screen, and then I have to put in my password. I really hope we can
figure this out. I am fine when shutting and restarting, it does not
require the password, because I unchecked the check boxes by running
that phrase. We need to still figure out why it requires a password when
just waking our computers up LOL!

I appreciate anymore input into this LOL!

David moore

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sorry if catching up, and others have answered already, but.... hit the

windows key. type in netplwiz, and uncheck the box, then type in the

password twice more. if you don't type it at the right boxes, though,

the password box will remain unchecked, but the thing will still ask for

passwords, so be careful. if this fails, I may have another solution.

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On 02/05/17 7:07 AM, James Bentley wrote:

Hi all,
I need to know how to stop Winn10 Creator, from asking for a password up
on waking up.
And, is it possible to recover a forgotten local account log on
password? I ask the Ms Accessibility Desk today and they said that the
only way to get rid of the password is to do a fresh install. Ouch!
Thanks for any information.
James B

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