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Carlos, When I was reading the invitation message, I clicked on the “I accept” link which took me to this groups web page, that it was where I read there are 29 members on the list.


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LOL I didn't even realize members could see that information.  As for potential causes for the file system displaying incorrect free space, take a look at this Microsoft article.

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I’m 29,


I’m 29,



I’m 29,



So, the real subject is Windirstat.


I have downloaded the little monster, about 450 kb.


I have done all the obvious thing to clear up  space on my  little s s d drive. As I said earlyir, the big items on this drive are win 7, office2013, a couple o c r programs and a few utilities like adobe p d f, revo, 7-zip,  etc..

I have done all the obviouse including  disk cleanup, emptied temp, recycle, and download folders.


So what will dindirstat show me?





spaceHey 29 members on the list when I joined a few minutes ago

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