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Hi All,

I have had great luck with the disability line. I always ask them to tell me what they are going to do before they do it.

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It is also worth keeping in mind that with any such service experiences may vary widely depending on the technician you are assigned for a particular session.  I agree they should be better trained to deal with disability related issues and create a system for keeping track of important problems, but the fact is that some technicians are simply more knowledgeable and skilled than others.

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I believe you asked about the problem here but you didn't get an answer.  I haven't seen a lot of discussion of this service in terms of its quality, but I've seen enough complaints to not use them unless I couldn't solve a problem here or on another list.  It sounds to me as though using another browser, perhaps a portable version, for that site would have been a much better option than letting the tech do all sorts of things to your machine that had no bearing on the problem.  You wouldn't have had to learn mmuch to learn the other browser, especially if you only intended to use it in such a limited way.  And you spent far more time correcting things they did than you would have getting the browser and learning the small amount you would want to know to use it, especially in such a limited way, as I said. 


And the other benefit would be that if you know how to use more than one browser, there are times when the other browser will work much better on this or that site.


I'm not sure how much they should be expected to know but someone should keep track of important problems and make sure they know them.  The one I know about is that uninstalling Office damages Windows by removing something needed for accessibility.  I don't know if the problem only affects NVDA or screen-readers in general but the boiler plate solution of uninstalling and reinstalling a program is definitely not one to be used when dealing with Office.  But I saw a thread here recently about a tech from the service who did just that and the person had a lot of problems as a result.  Since this is a service dedicated to disability problems, some way should be implemented for techs who work there to know about such problems.



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Well, the other day when I had the problem of not being able to open my local newspaper I finally contacted Microsoft support for people with disabilities. Yes they did fix the internet explorer problem but trashed a lot more. The first thing that I noticed is that my day by day reminder did not work. Here they stopped it from starting. Today was quite disturbing, my grandson needed to send some photos to his professor. My computer has never been able to see my or his iPhone so in 2012 I purchased touch copy 11. This worked fine until this afternoon. I got some weird message that it was on a network to which I had no access. Tried to download and that version is no longer available. It would cost me $40 to purchase the new one 2016.

I started looking in msconfig they turned so much off all update capabilities, all apple and who knows what else. I just enabled all for both services and startup. This did not correct the problem. After a lot of searching I did locate the original download and was able to reinstall. His pictures are on the way. Now I have to go back into msconfig and try to remember what all I have previously stopped. I wonder why they stopped things that had no bearing on I.E. Also I still wonder what will not work when I need it. I am removing c cleaner that they installed. Just wonder if it took out something that touch copy needs. I was always pleased with their support until today. Too bad that I already filled out the survey with high marks.


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