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There is a big difference between not being able to solve every issue and causing harm.  There was a recent thread on a list I follow, I don't remember whidch one, where a Microsoft accessibility tech uninstalled office on someone's machine because that is the boilerplate thing to do when there is a problem you don't know how to solve.  Uninstalling Office caused lots of problems for the person.  Reinstalling Office both didn't solve the problem the user was having with office nor did it correct the other problems.  The user was in worse shape than before using the service.  it is known that uninstalling Office causes problems with one or more screen-readers.  A tech who is trained by the Microsoft accessibility service should have been informed of that. 
I don't know how many people are helped and how many are harmed.  I would think that many more people are helped.  That doesn't excuse the harm.  Would you take the same attitude toward auto mechanics or airplane mechanics?  There are good ones and bad ones and if a plane crashes now and then, we just have to accept it.  I doubt you would.  There are standards in such professions.  We should expect the Microsoft service to adhere to certain minimum standards and one of them is that if you can't help, you should not do harm.  Of course, harm will be done on occasion; no one is perfect.  But I've heard too many complaints of harm to consider them to be an acceptable number.

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Hi Gene,

As far as I am concerned no tech support help is going to solve all problems and not cause some issues on some people’s computers. But if they help way more than cause issues, I think this is a good thing. If everyone thinks every time they call MS and they are suppose to solve all their issues every time, this is not going to happen.

We don’t live in a perfect world. So again if you think MS is going to solve every issue then I guess you are expecting too much from MS. There is no way any tech can solve every issue.  I have bought brand new computers and have had issues right out of the box. So nothing is perfect and it is never going to be a perfect tech support line. Some tech are just going to be better at solving issues just like there are better doctors, car mechanics. No Matter how much training they get some are just going to be better than others.

So I appreciate the help I do get from MS and think it is a good service.

Mr. Ed

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So because something is free we should be happy for whatever we get?  In that case, how are people to know if the service should be used and what to be aware of when using it?  I can't tell you how much I disagree with the view that we should give up our critical faculty just because something is done for us poor blind people for free. 


One reason library service for the blind is as good as it is is because blind advocates agitated for good service.  One reason Microsoft and other companies are aware of accessibility is because advocates made them aware. 


If you provide a service, free or not, you have a responsibility not to leave people in worse shape than when they came to you.  The service helps many people.  it also does damage to some or perhaps many peoples' machines.  Are we supposed to be uninformed and not evaluate the service just because it is free?  If someone asks you about the service, are you going to say, it's wonderful and not say that you have seen a number of complaints about it which indicate that it is spotty, depending on who you get to work with you, that it may help but it may not and it may do harm?  Are you advocating not discussing such matters because we should be paralyzed with overwhelming gratitude that something is provided for free? 


No one is whining. 



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In my humble opinion, I appreciate Microsoft providing free tech support for the blind computer user. I encourage all my group members to call them with various issues that are too hard to cover in group emails. Are they perfect? No, but who is? So quit whining about a totally free service provided to all blind computer users please. LOL.



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You mean if I were a tech and someone asked me the wrong thing?  What is the wrong thing?  If someone doesn't understand something and doesn't want me to do it because they don't understand, if I want to help the person, that may be frustrating.  But I don't see how there can be a "wrong thing" to ask.



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Ah, you would be bent if they asked you the incorrect thing


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It's not a question of being a mind-reader.  there are just common sense things a tech should do and the techs in the service should be told or instructed to do this.  Of course, if they don't, you should talk with them and tell them to.  But there is nothing unreasonable about expecting techs who work for the service to be instructed to do this. 



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Thank you ann I was just commented on by one who says no shoulden't do this...i never knew a tech person who was a mind reader...LOL

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Hi all,

This is why, when asking for help of any kind, computer tech or anything else, you need to control what's going on.  Ask what they are doing.  Ask and ask and ask, even if you drive them nuts.  Tell them you want to know what's happening to your computer.  Don't just sit back and assume they are doing the right thing.

This is true of other things too.  Ask what the doctor is doing and why.  Ask where you are being taken by train or airport personnel.  Ask where you are and confirm the address when riding in a cab or on paratransit.  Ask, ask, ask, ask, be proactive!  It's your body, your life, and you have control over it.  You're not a package or a dumb animal or doll.  Ask!  Make your needs known in a quiet but no-nonsense way.  Ask!

Ann P.

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> I contact MS support as a very last resort. They restarted my pc
> without asking me and they put programs on my pc without asking me.
> The last straw was they set my pc to an earlier restore point without
> asking me. Heather

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> Well, the other day when I had the problem of not being able to open
> my local newspaper I finally contacted Microsoft support for people
> with disabilities. Yes they did fix the internet explorer problem but
> trashed a lot more. The first thing that I noticed is that my day by
> day reminder did not work. Here they stopped it from starting. Today
> was quite disturbing, my grandson needed to send some photos to his
> professor. My computer has never been able to see my or his iPhone so
> in 2012 I purchased touch copy 11. This worked fine until this
> afternoon. I got some weird message that it was on a network to which
> I had no access. Tried to download and that version is no longer
> available. It would cost me $40 to purchase the new one 2016.

> I started looking in msconfig they turned so much off all update
> capabilities, all apple and who knows what else. I just enabled all
> for both services and startup. This did not correct the problem. After
> a lot of searching I did locate the original download and was able to
> reinstall. His pictures are on the way. Now I have to go back into
> msconfig and try to remember what all I have previously stopped. I
> wonder why they stopped things that had no bearing on I.E. Also I
> still wonder what will not work when I need it. I am removing c
> cleaner that they installed. Just wonder if it took out something that
> touch copy needs. I was always pleased with their support until today.
> Too bad that I already filled out the survey with high marks.

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