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Monte Single

I have the 2 gen stream.  I did get to try the p t pocket for a while by borrowing it from my local library. In many ways they have comparable specs and features.

I think you can set an alarm on the pocket, but I am not sure; you cannot set alarms on the stream. The pocket it just a little smaller and has a   sleeker/smoother feel in the hand.  I chose the stream because that is what I am used to and, like myself, its made in Canada.


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How does it compare to the Plextalk?    Angelo


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Hi Christina & Walt,


Thank you very much for your input.  I do believe I'll get the,  Victor Reader Stream New Generation.

Take care.
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I have I believe the victor reader stream second generation and I absolutely love it. It has the capability to go on the internet, you can also get bard, book share, NFB and podcasts and internet radio and that is just some of the things you can do with that particular model. I am not sure but I think I have the latest model but I can be wrong I also had the original one and I used it so much that I broke the power button I love my victor reader stream I think it is the greatest thing in the world and I would be so lost without it. I don’t know if any of this will be of any help to you.



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Mike -


I have the first one on that list and absolutely love it. Frankly, I'm not familiar enough with the other devices to make any kind of intelligent features comparison, but you probably ought to go to the Humanware web site and check out details on each unit:


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Hi All,


I'm thinking about getting a Victor Reader & I'm wanting to know which is the best 1 to get.  I did a search on Amazon & they showed the 3 different ones below:

Victor Reader Stream New Generation

HumanWare Victor Reader Stratus12 M Daisy MP3 player

DeRoyal Victor Reader Stream - New Generation


All input would be greatly appreciated.  I'm not concerned about the price but, just want to get the 1 that gives you the most bang for the buck.  Thanks much.


Take care.


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