Printing problem after Windows 10 creator's update

Robin Frost

It’s a long shot but I post my latest techy snafu in hopes that perhaps someone else has encountered it and found a fix.
I recently discovered that I couldn’t print anything from Microsoft Office apps or programs as well as Internet Explorer 11 or Windows Live Mail.
I spoke with Microsoft’s disability help desk twice during which we tried uninstalling and reinstalling printer and associated drivers as well as quick and online repairs of Office related products.
throughout this I could print from apps such as Notepad and Wordpad without having to invoke elevated permissions.
I’ve now discovered that I can print from Office, Internet Explorer and Windows Live Mail if I run them as an administrator so at least there’s a workaround. I was just curious if anyone had any thoughts on what might have brought about this change and what fix if any might exist for it.  Microsoft has escalated me to tier 2 engineers whom I’m supposed to hear back from one fine day should the heavens smile.
thanks for any thoughts in advance.

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