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Hi all,

1password uses a unique secret key tied to your account. The secret key is so long that it would be impossible to remember it. You are asked for your secret key every time you authorize a new device to use your 1Password account. It's their form of two or multi factor authentication and it is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. So, if you don't have your secret key, you are screwed, basically. Lastpass, well yeah. They don't have any form of multi factor authentication, at least by default. Well they should. Just my £0.02 worth.

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I can't in good conscience recommend one password or any other password manager that syncs the data back to the net or there servers. And for goodness sakes, stay well away from lastpass!

The hack of lastpass earlier this year was proof enough of issues with that type of password management.

I personally use keepass and for device sync i have the file synced to my owncloud server. I realize that this crosses the net as well but never unencrypted.


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One password is compatable

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Can anyone recommend an accessible password manager? I am trying to use Last Pass Free version with Windows 8.1 and JAWS 16 with Internet Explorer but am having a lot of difficulty. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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