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talking dosbox lets you run wordperfect and even lotus123. but to run lotus123 you have to edit the dosbox.conf text file and set the following.

the original settings are the following.




this has to do with extended memory that lotus needs to run.

so you set it all to true if you want to run lotus then run dosbox again.

so its




then when you are done with lotus123 wordperfect won't run with those settings on true. so you close dosbox edit the file again set




run dosbox again then you can run wordperfect which does not require the extended dos memory.

On 5/11/2017 6:16 PM, Aman Singer wrote:
Hi Dave,

I'm sorry to contradict, but you write:

And as long as the User is running a 32 bit edition of MS Windows, then
maybe, just maybe, that old Word Perfect copy can be installed and ran.
However, that old Word Perfect program will not be installed into MS Windows
7, 8 or 10, if those versions are 64 bit.

This is not, I'm afraid, quite accurate. I currently use Windows 10
64-bit, and needed, a few weeks ago, to help someone out with WordPerfect
5.1. I was able to run the program without difficulty through a virtual
machine. Josh Kennedy on this list has been good enough to give us an even
easier solution which works on Windows 10 64-bit without the need for an
external synthesizer or any Virtual system.
The only thing that you can't do on a 64-bit system is run the or
wp.exe programs from the Windows command prompt, at least so far as I know.
As for Office 2003, I have seen the statement that Microsoft will
not activate the product, but only in anecdotal form, not as a policy of
Microsoft. You may want to give it a shot and complain if activation doesn't
happen for you. You may also want to complain to the accessibility desk at
Microsoft on the ground that the newer offices' have the ribbon and some
older screen readers will not support that properly. It's just a thought,
honestly, if I didn't need some of the new features in the later versions, I
would have stuck to Office 2003. I agree that it is one of the best
versions, particularly when it comes to Word.

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Word Perfect? Man, I haven't heard of that program in years!
However, the one thing that the old Word Perfect 5.1 has going for it is
that it is old enough not to need to be Authorized by the use of an Internet
Connection, Unlike MS Office since Office 2000.

I still own and prefer using Office 2003, but decided to not install it,
because I did not believe Microsoft would Authorize its install and use.

And as long as the User is running a 32 bit edition of MS Windows, then
maybe, just maybe, that old Word Perfect copy can be installed and ran.
However, that old Word Perfect program will not be installed into MS Windows
7, 8 or 10, if those versions are 64 bit.

16 bit programs tend not to run in 64 bit operating systems.

For what it is worth, at one time, Word Perfect was the Top Word
Processor used, much like MS Word is today. Sadly, Word Perfect is no
longer on top, and is only around to this day for who knows what reasons.
I rarely see anyone using it these days.

I once regularly attended Software Developer meetings, where loads of
software companies would meet to Inform each other of new solutions for
common Development problems. Someone related the News that Word Perfect had
put all of its energy into writing a nice new fancy Word Perfect Word
Processor for IBM's new operating system called OS 2.

OS 2 turned out to be a lot to do about Nothing, as OS 2 was a Flop, and
because OS 2 did not replace Microsoft's offering for an Operating System,
the makers of Word Perfect had nothing to offer when MS Windows became
popular. And of course, Microsoft advantage of the Vacuum and pushed its
early version of Microsoft Office, and the rest is History.

Since then Word Perfect has been sold and bought several times, and has
never regained much of the Market Share it lost all those years ago.

Software Companies come and go, and such is the fate of those in the
Software Bizz.

And Speaking of the Early days, do any of you know why MS Windows was

MS DOs would allow the operation of only one program at a time. As
computers became more of a Business Tool, the need to take the information
in one program, and some how get it into the file in another
program grew till someone made it happen.

In the Dos Days, doing this was awkward at best.

But MS Windows came along and would let the user run more than one program
at the same time, and the user could copy from one program and magically
switch to another program, and Paste it in.

The first edition of MS Windows that seemed to grab the attention of the
General Public was MS Windows 3.0 and 3.1.

It was Sluggish and Bulky, but it worked, and Microsoft has been in the
Drivers Seat ever since.

At the time, there was another program called Geo-Works that actually worked
better and faster, and allowed the user to run multiple programs at once and
move data from one to another. But, Microsoft had the Name Brand
Recognition and Geo-Works soon vanished never to be heard of again.

Such are the Whims of the Software industry.

Grumpy Dave

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