file recovery less speed, need more haste?

Jaffar Sidek

HI All. I am in the process, as I am writing this email, of recovering files from a hard drive I feel is going to conk out on me any time soon. I am on windows 10 creator, on an Asus desktop with 8GB RAM and using Recuva data recovery software to achieve this monumental task. My about to be damaged drive is a 2TB WD Ultrametal passport USB drive. OK, so specs aside, I took roughly 4 hours to scan the offending disk for the files I want to recover yesterday morning and had started the process of recovery. I left it to do the task since yesterday morning, and when I got up this glorious day, it had just recovered a grand total of 50 files out of a possible tally of 109,000 plus files. Turtle pace or worm wriggling pace? I don't know, but is there a file recovery program floating around, just as accessible as Recuva but a lot more rocket-like in speed? Any recommendation will help improve my blood pressure as I need to use the PC in question for more urgent work, yet need the files i am trying to recover badly. Cheers! and thanks for any help.

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