Re: Very sad news for Window-Eyes Users.

Gerald Levy

Oh come on , Carlos.  If you developed a free, open source program out of the goodness of your heart just to benefit your fellow blind computer users, and a large company came along and offered you a few million dollars for it, I don’t believe for a second that you would turn your back and walk away from the deal, unless you happen to be independently wealthy.  .

From: Carlos
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 3:37 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Very sad news for Window-Eyes Users.
I think it is unfortunate that you are so cynical.  Despite belief to the contrary, not everyone in the world has a price.
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  Don’t kid yourself.  If the developers of NVDA were offered a few million dollars from VFO for the exclusive licensing rights, they would sell out in a heartbeat.  They wouldn’t give a second thought to betraying their users if they could become wealthy overnight and live a more prosperous lifestyle.    It’s just human nature.  Idealism is all well and good, but the reality is that it doesn’t pay the bills, and nobody in his right mind would scoff at the opportunity to become an instant millionaire.
From: Gene
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 3:00 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Very sad news for Window-Eyes Users.
I didn't address the purchase comments in the message.  The NVDA developers are not going to sel to FS.  You don't go through all the work and accept minimum wage payments for years when you could get a lot of money working for a tech company to sell NVDA and betray all those who are benefiting from it, especially those who couldn't begin to afford JAWS.  Are you aware of the work and sacrifice put into the project by the developers, especially the main developer? 
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From: Joseph Lee
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 1:24 PM
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For NVDA developers, philosophy and licensing plays a big part in decisions like this. Before VFO acquires NVDA code, they need to think about licensing and what not, and I expect huge outcry from people who would express similar sentiments like the ones posted below.

P.S. I expect this news to be a hot topic during NVDACon 2017…




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This is all well and good.  But what’s to prevent VFO from going after NVDA?  They apparently have deep pocket, so what’s to prevent them from making the developers of NVDA an attractive financial offer they simply couldn’t refuse??  Money talks, and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the developers of NVDA would sell out to VFO for the right price.  And once VFO acquired NVDA, they could phase it out just like with Window Eyes, and force its users to migrate to JAWS.  VFO would then have a virtual monopoly in the commercial screen reader market, and blind consumers would be stuck between a rock and a hard place. But what about System Access, you say?  Well, System Access has never really been a serious player in the commercial screen readermarket anyway, and Serotek has never really recovered from the loss of Mike Calvo and all those other techies who abruptly resigned from the company.






From: Gene

Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 1:37 PM

Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Very sad news for Window-Eyes Users.


They didn't get the last laugh.  NVDA will meet a lot of peoples' needs just as well as Window-eyes.  They will have to learn a new screen-reader but they will if they switch to JAWS as well.  And a lot of people are already leaving JAWS to use NVDA.  Many free Window-eyes users, perhaps most, will do the same. 



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From: Gerald Levy

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A lot of JAWS users, fed up with the expense of upgrading their SMA’s every year, switched to the free version of Window Eyes, hoping to stick it to Freedom Scientific.  But VFO, FS’s parent company ultimately got the last laugh, because all those free Window Eyes users will now either have to pay big time to Switch back to JAWS 18 or else switch to NVDA. And whatever happened to System Access?  Does anyone still use it?  You don’t hear much about it anymore.  






From: Carlos

Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 11:22 AM

Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Very sad news for Window-Eyes Users.


At least they're offering the conversion to JAWS 18 for free.  Although this is not going to help those who are using the free Office edition.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Very sad news for Window-Eyes Users.



For those who use window-eyes as a screen reader, I have something to share. This was an official announcement I received via email.
"Thank you for being a valued member of the GW Micro and Window-Eyes family.
We regret to announce that sales of Window-Eyes have ended in the United
States and Canada. Users outside of the United States and Canada should
contact their local distributor for options. We are committed to our
customers and will honor existing product purchases and software maintenance
agreements, and we will continue to provide technical support to end users
that have purchased Window-Eyes or a support package.


All users who are currently using Window-Eyes can continue to use the
software indefinitely; however, as the Windows® operating system and/or
applications change over time, Window-Eyes may not function adequately for
your needs.


We understand how important a screen reader is to you and are offering JAWS®
for Windows 18 as a replacement. We are committed to providing a smooth
transition and will honor existing Window-Eyes product purchases and
software maintenance agreements (SMA), as follows.
. End users that paid for and are current with Window-Eyes 9.x will be
converted to JAWS 18 at no charge.
. If you are using an earlier version of Window-Eyes, you can purchase an
upgrade to JAWS 18.
. If you are using the free version of Window-Eyes you can continue to use
it. While there is not an upgrade path from the free version, if you are
interested in purchasing JAWS, please contact our sales team at
. Existing Window-Eyes SMAs will be rolled into the JAWS SMA program for end
users that migrate to JAWS.
Learn more about the migration options and pricing by visiting


To make this process as easy as possible, we ask you to complete a simple
web form that will go directly to our sales team, who will then contact you
with an authorization code for JAWS 18, or request additional information if


Requests for upgrades must be submitted at or by phone at 800-444-4443
by July 31, 2017.


Note, the free Window-Eyes Offer for Users of Microsoft Office version is
not part of the conversion program.


If you have any questions please call us at 800-444-4443 or email us at




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