Re: I've gone all the way to the Dark Side now!

Michael Mote

Just an observation, but why do you have to wait for your authorization
keys? I wonder if you could contact tech support and give them your serial
number. They should be able to provide you with an authorization key. Like
I said, just an observation.

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Subject: [TechTalk] I've gone all the way to the Dark Side now!

This morning I called JAWS to make my Migration Official, and when they
offered me two full upgrades to Jaws 19 and then 20, all for $125, I pulled
out my Credit Card.

*Big Sigh> I think this makes me a member of the Dark Side.

The interaction with the Jaws rep was easy and in three or four days, I
should have my authorization codes to plug in. --

And when Jaws 19 and 20 come along, I will be glad I paid the $125 up front.

Although, I have to question the practise of Borrowing from future sales, as
this is not the best method of creating cash flow.

But, that's a different subject for another time.

Grumpy Dave

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