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It is debated whether security essentials is a good choice.  It has improved.  I don't know if it is good enough to be considered a good choice now but it's a much better choice than it was a year ago. 
Many people like Sophos (spelling) Home.  But when I went to the site recently and tried to set up an account, there was a captcha that was either not set up properly or which is inaccessible.  You may want to look at the site and see what you find out.  I don't mean inaccessible in the sense that you can use a program like Webvisum to get the captcha.  I mean that there was no edit field to fill out a captcha even if I could get one, which Webvisum couldn't do.  It said there was no image on the page.  If you can set up an account, you may like the program.

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Hi, List,

A while back someone recommended Avast as a good antivirus program.

I got it, and I started the setup. Shortly after, the screen seemed blank. I think that it must be completely graphical.

Unless I did something wrong, this won't work. What other programs do you recommend. I gather that Security Essentials is no longer a good choice.

Joe Giovanelli

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