Re: Very sad news for Window-Eyes Users.

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but say, within a year, this will simply not be an option for some, as windows 10 changes all the time. So for those windows 10 users, it may be different.

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On 18/05/17 3:44 PM, Flor Lynch wrote:
WindowEyes for Office hasn't yet gone. It'll continue until Microsoft
support for the versions of Office it runs on, ends.

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so now, for the future, the only legally forever usable free screen
reader, is NVDA, no office version for JAWS. interesting....

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On 15/05/17 4:14 PM, Armando Maldonado wrote:
For those who use window-eyes as a screen reader, I have something to
share. This was an official announcement I received via email.
"Thank you for being a valued member of the GW Micro and Window-Eyes
We regret to announce that sales of Window-Eyes have ended in the United
States and Canada. Users outside of the United States and Canada should
contact their local distributor for options. We are committed to our
customers and will honor existing product purchases and software
agreements, and we will continue to provide technical support to end
that have purchased Window-Eyes or a support package.

All users who are currently using Window-Eyes can continue to use the
software indefinitely; however, as the Windows® operating system and/or
applications change over time, Window-Eyes may not function adequately
your needs.

We understand how important a screen reader is to you and are offering
for Windows 18 as a replacement. We are committed to providing a smooth
transition and will honor existing Window-Eyes product purchases and
software maintenance agreements (SMA), as follows.
. End users that paid for and are current with Window-Eyes 9.x will be
converted to JAWS 18 at no charge.
. If you are using an earlier version of Window-Eyes, you can purchase an
upgrade to JAWS 18.
. If you are using the free version of Window-Eyes you can continue to
it. While there is not an upgrade path from the free version, if you are
interested in purchasing JAWS, please contact our sales team at
. Existing Window-Eyes SMAs will be rolled into the JAWS SMA program for
users that migrate to JAWS.
Learn more about the migration options and pricing by visiting

To make this process as easy as possible, we ask you to complete a simple
web form that will go directly to our sales team, who will then
contact you
with an authorization code for JAWS 18, or request additional
information if

Requests for upgrades must be submitted at or by phone at
by July 31, 2017.

Note, the free Window-Eyes Offer for Users of Microsoft Office version is
not part of the conversion program.

If you have any questions please call us at 800-444-4443 or email us at"


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