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and when my mother's samsung runs out of signal, my iPhone 5s still has it.

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On 18/05/17 5:09 PM, enes sarıbaş wrote:
and I will continue to use my iphone 6 until no software runs on it and
the out-of-date software on it is no longer supported. And the iphone,
contrary to what die apple fanboys claim, is ridiculously overpriced
shitty cheap hardware. For example, my father has a sony z3, which cost
almost half what my iphone cost, yet he can detect and connect to many
wifi networks that my phone doesn't even detect. The wifi chip on the
iphone is utter garbage.

On 5/18/2017 2:00 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:

Robb, you're so right. Smart phones are probably the biggest rip-off
in the world of consumer electronics. You spend $600 for a shiny, new
smart phone, and two years later it is considered obsolete, and so you
are endlessly enticed to upgrade to a newer model. Apple has been
playing this game with the IPhone ever since it was introduced ten
years ago. I still use a 12-year-old LG 4650 "dumb" phone with Page
Plus Cellular, which still works and is perfectly adequate for my needs.


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Gerald Levy <> wrote:
A lot of blind folks who moan and bitch about the high cost of JAWS
and SMA’s don’t think twice about shelling out $600 for an IPhone
plus another $70 a month for cell phone service. That’s okay to
them, but spending $125 every two years to keep their SMA’s up to
date is considered highway robbery.
And screen readers aren't the only type of software to have this kind
of policy. Ever looked at stuff like drafting software, or something
real specilized like that. Some of that software runs into the
thousands of dollars. Compare to that, screen readers are pretty
cheap, especially when you consider the security risks involved in
running such a program. The screen reader needs access to every part
of the operating system in order to read it. Think of the security
holes that could give you, should someone be malicious enough to want
to exploit them.
That last point is tangential, however--just a curiosity.
Apple gets away with it, I think, because they do it to /everybody/
and not just blind folks. But I still think it's ridiculous to pay
that much for a phone, on which only a limited selection of software
runs. Actually, I'm not a big fan of cell phones in general. Your
smart phone is obsolete in a year, to a year and a half, receiving no
furhter security updates and whatnot, causing you to have to shell out
another heap of money for an up to date phone. Now tell me how much of
a rip off that is.

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