Re: Putting Items from Desktop into Dropbox in the Cloud

Vicki W

As far as I know, all items you place directly into dropbox go in the cloud. If you have your network drive able to access your Desktop and give permission for it to access DROPBOX, then you can transfer them directly from your network to dropbox and bypass putting them on your hard drive.

I have dropbox on my desktop, but it is not on my laptop. I gave permission for the dropbox folder to be accessed by my laptop so when I want to use dropbox items, transferring or even removing, I can do it without placing dropbox on my laptop. I simply access my desktop through my laptop and it is in the list of folders that I can open and edit.

Hope this helps.


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Hello everyone, I have some files that I would like to move into Dropbox. However, they are on my network drive, and I don't think I would have space on my hard drive for them. Does anyone know if it is possible to move items on my desktop computer to dropbox, but only for online access and if so, how do I do this? Thank you.

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