Re: junk

Sylvia <sylvia0647@...>

Hi, I’ve had messages end up in my spam folder too but what I do is use the option that says mark as not junk instead of adding them to safe senders.




From: Kimsan [mailto:kimsansong@...]
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 12:06 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] junk


Lol, sorry I didn’t know how to word the subject appropriately to explain what I’m aboot to mention here.

2 times now I have been removed from this list due to me marking it as spam, which I am not intentionally.  I’ve noticed that when emails go into the junk folder from this list is when I get removed.

I’ve added the email address to my safe senders list, but at 8:55 when Jesica submitted an email to the list, bam, I was removed.


Yes, it’s easy to click the link and resume your subscription but that is unnecessary when I am doing what I can to stop emails from going into the junk folder. For the record, just in case one needs to know it’s me using outlook 2013.


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