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Learning explore by touch, is by far easier, on a tablet. Whether that be IOS, or android,
the same thing.
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Janet, tablets come in several flavors ranging from 7-inch to approximately
11.5-inch. The small size ones can pretty much fit in your purse or big
pocket and are much closer to one's smartphone.

The big size ones do have a good deal of real estate. that is to say a lot
of space on the surface. With patience, one can learn to work them and
become proficient at using them. I believe it's the big space that some of
us DO NOT wish to deal with, hence the reason why some of us don't want to
deal with tablets.

The above notwithstanding, there's absolutely nothing wrong with any tablet.
If you believe that you can manage one, or learn to do so efficiently, by
all means grab one! With the demise of my preferred screen reader,
Window-Eyes, I am one person exploring the prospects of KICKING WINDOWS and
Windows screen readers down the drain! Why so? I DO NOT wish to PAY AN
EXTRA CENT to anyone to help script for another screen reader the apps I
need to use regularly for accessibility on a Windows machine. I heading in
FEET AND FINGERS into Android land. I must therefore learn to use an
Android tablet besides what I've done with an Android phone. I will keep a
Windows computer around for scanning books I want to read, but since I can
purchase almost any book online anyway, I don't know how much longer this
will be necessary in my case. For work purposes though, I am done with
anything Windows-based going forward.

Good luck as you check out various Windows tablets; all the very best!

Denver, Colorado

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