Re: anybody seen the erroneous stuff on the Bard main page?


I live in Texas and around 10pm or so I got a timeout error then when
I refreshed it the page came up. I just tried to refresh a page--at
11:30pm--and it will probably timeout again. I say have patience as
this is not the first time it has happened and they just did a big
server maintenance this past weekend. Repeatedly pinging the servers
with requests probably doesn't help them get the kinks worked out
either. lol
Thanks for the flashback nightmares of when I used to work for a
webhosting company and had to deal with this sort of thing .... I
helped maintain like 30 or something servers. Each server had like 100
sites--I think it's been a while--on them so if the server went down
we would get a flood of emails and tickets asking us WTF that ran the
gambit of "I hate you and your service I am moving my account as soon
as it comes back up", "omg the world is going to end did you really do
the nightly backup that you promised??", to "Oh, okay then I'll wait
it out np."
I was glad I didn't always answer the phone and had my nose stuck in
the servers during a lot of those times. lol


On 8/31/15, Beth <thebluesisloose@...> wrote:
List members, I can't access Bard, and I'm getting a different Error
code every single time I try to access the main page. I'm told to email
Michael Martys, and I do. But why? It should have been up, and I was
using the latest Firefox browser, Windows 10, etc. What is going on!
Also, I won't be shopping for books much longer, and my SD card on my
cell phone is dismounted and won't mount properly, so Best Buy is my
best bet. But yeah seriously, today has not been a clean tech day. I
can't get through but one measly day without technology error coding
itself, dismounting, breaking, or otherwise causing problems with access
to information. Phew!
Anyone seen Bard go down today at all? When will it be back up? If not
now, when?

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