Re: is anyone using private internet access internet vpn?

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I'm going to repost this back to the techtalk list, just in case anyone else ever needs to take note of it.

I can't speak for using every client, but they should work fine for checking your email over the VPN and yes, selecting your server location is accessible. When you launch the client, you'll notice an icon in the system tray that you can press applications key on and it will bring up a menu. The only thing that doesn't seem to be displayed in this menu is the current latency for that location, something that you do see on the clients for IOS and Android. Anyways, the locations are displayed in different sub-menus here, so find the one you want and press enter on it. As I mentioned before, depending on how your user accounts are configured on Windows and your UAC setting, you will most likely need to run the PIA client as administrator. If you're using NVDA as a normal user, in order for NVDA to be able to read the PIA client window information, you'll also need to run NVDA as administrator too and enter the password for your admin account, if that's how you have it configured. As a normal user and with PIA running as admin, you can see the status when you navigate to the icon there in the systray. It's just the menus and such when you press applications on the icon that wont be accessible unless the screenreader is also running with admin privileges.
Hope this helps.
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On 5/28/2017 11:30 PM, Dennis Long wrote:

Hi, I take it you use Private access?    Do you use outlook express or outlook or a similar email client?  Does gmail let you check your mail if your using your email client?  Is selecting server locations accessible?  Thanks for your help.


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Yeah :) the client for android works very well too. For those who have their UAC set to the windows default or higher, it might be worth pointing out that you need to run the PIA client as administrator and then elevate NVDA to admin also to read the client window, but that's easy enough. This is also on Windows7, so it might be different on other versions, I can't say. All the same, I completely agree. it's a wonderful service and totally worth checking out.
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On 5/28/2017 8:52 PM, Desiree Oudinot wrote:


I am. It's very accessible. They've made some pretty significant strides over the past few months to make all their clients accessible. I've had personal experience with both the Windows and IOS versions, and both have really come a long way since I started using the service over a year ago. It used to be difficult to change the settings in the Windows client, and the IOS app had a lot of unlabelled buttons at one point. Now they're both much better. I've also heard that the Android app is very accessible from a friend.


Even if it weren't, you could configure Open VPN to use its settings once you paid for a subscription, and still receive the same protection. But, fortunately, you won't have to do that, unless you really want to. I've also tested that configuration on my Iphone back when the official app wasn't so accessible, and it worked well. I highly recommend it, and so do well-known sites such as Lifehacker, which rated it as the most trusted VPN a couple of months ago. Many VPN providers engage in some pretty shady practices, such as selling your data, or letting data accumulate in such a way that it could be accessed by either law enforcement or nefarious third parties. Not the case with Private Internet Access, according to everything I've read.


On 5/28/2017 9:41 PM, Dennis L wrote:

Hi, is anyone using private internet access vpn?  If you are is it accessible?  Thanks.



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