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I would recommend a Fitbit one. This is a very small device that will clip onto your pocket, and it will track how many steps you were doing and tell you how far you have gone. It also has a nice feature that allows you to set up to 8 alarms.

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I want to do a little more walking after surgery. The doctor wants me to walk but no hills up or down. Today I had someone take me to the mall where the distance has already been figured out. It is difficult to get there. There is a walking path that I can get to much easier. There are no landmarks but the path is on an old railroad bed. So I can walk down and back with my guide dog. The problem is that I need to know how far I walked so I can get back without over doing it. I have a trekker breeze, if it still powers up and I can locate the charger. Also I have blindsquare and the iPhone health app. What tool would be best to start this walking program. I want to walk about a 1/4 mile for the first walk, that is round trip. and slowly increase until I can walk the total distance of 2 miles round trip.
Data on my cell phone is no problem.


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