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have you looked at the apogee duet, Tascam IU2,
or Fostex AR-4i?
the first 2 are audio interfaces for the iPhone, both of which have microphone capability, the third is a dedicated microphone interface for the iPhone.
there are also some very nice stereo microphones for the iPhone, such as the Tascam iM2, Rode iXY, Zoom iQ6, or iQ7. 
hope this helps.

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Hi, as for as hooking a microphone to the iPhone one that would be a table top I think I have gave this up as there is no real solution for this hooking one directly to the iPhone. There is for iPad but not really for iPhone. So the only way I see to really do what I want is to use a mixer . then I could hook the iPhone to the mixer and a microphone to the mixer and even a head set for monitoring and do it that way.


So my question is now do any of you all out there recommend a mixer ?








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