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Yes, it has been suggested.  It is almost always suggested when this happens, but as I said members are not usually interested in subscribing to the chat list just to continue an off topic discussion.  Besides, such threads usually taper off on their own or with a gentle reminder as this one seems to have so I'm not overly concerned.

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suggestion, has it been suggested that we take this topic to the chat group where I believe it should have been in the first place..? Sound like a good discussion for that group.  Just an idea ! Have a Great Day! de


On 05-Jun-17 09:18, Rajmund wrote:
LOL kicking people for off topic posts, particularly when there are like 10 of them doing it, is not really a viable solution, sorry...  Locking the topic, yes, that's another thing entirely, which I agree with.

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LOL I've never had to forcefully close a topic so far.  I would do it if it
was necessary, but probably only as a last resort.  Although I agree that
you can't win.  Close an off topic thread too forcefully, and you're accused
of being heavy-handed.  Don't close it soon enough, and you'll have people
leaving the list or complaining that it's off topic.  I sleep comfortably
enough as well.
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Do what we do on JAWS Users, my guys know where the kick switch is located
and how to use it.

Then we get accused of being heavy handed but then again everybody is not
going to like you for some reason or another.  I still sleep well at night.

Remind me again why we do what we do.

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From: Carlos
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LOL no one ever wants to join the chat list just to continue an off topic
conversation.  I've given up on suggesting it.
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There is  a chat sub group for this group why not move it there?

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Subject: [TechTalk] The Time has come to move this Topic elsewhere

Hello to the List-

Carlos has been very accommodating and Gracious to allow some of us to
conduct a conversation about a subject that never had anything to do with
It is a topic that touches all of us, as  I would guess that each one of
have experienced the "Special Treatment" given to us for no other reason
than we are Blind.
Of all the Posts made on this Subject, the one that sticks with me is
the one written by Gene.   He attempted to bring out the possible Root
for such decisions like the one that Yanked Cliff off his Flight.

Gene spoke of the underlying Fear of Blindness, and some of the
ramifications this Fear has when the sighted need to interact with those
are Blind.  I thought Gene was Hitting some Nails right on the Head.

As interesting as this subject is, and it has other Branches we haven't
gotten to, such as Why don't the Blind Scream and Yell about the other
Special Treatment the Blind receive, such as the Tax break on our Income
Taxes, or when some get their Computers and other Gear paid for by the
etc.  Seems to me, some enjoy the Extra benefits that come with
but Scream like Crazy when they get restricted from
something they believe they have the Right to do.    I find this to be
one of those ironic things that rolls around in the back of my mind when
some blind complain about some small thing they believe to be
discriminatory.  And what Cliff experienced is not a Small thing.

This conversation needs to be moved to a List that is all about any topic
that might come to mind.

I've been told of one called Blind Life.  I know nothing about it, other
than it started up last December, and is open to Topics not in alinement
with this Tech Lists guidelines.

I am not trying to steal members, I am only telling of another list that
handles other subjects than Tech.   By all means, stay subscribed here,
and if interested, subscribe to the other list too.

Here is the Subscription information.

Send an email like this one:

Now back to your normally scheduled subject matter=

Grumpy Dave

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