Re: Eloquence with the Samsung Galaxy S8

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

I realize that quality and reliability are typically two different cridders, however, it's difficult to determine from your message what exactly you were trying to point out as the problem on the Android version of eloquence.

When you said: "the quality of the code factory eloquence for android is much worse than what you're used to.", in reference to Debbie's asking about whether or not eloquence would run on an s8 and show some of the same problems she'd herd about on other Samsung devices, one would figure that you were speaking about the same thing, yes? I can't speak to how eloquence is going to work all across the board, most certainly for those devices that I have no experience with, I just know what I've seen from my device and what I've read on the Android lists, which seem to indicate most issues being tied to Samsung devices in most cases. That's also not to say that other devices don't have problems with the TTS, but had Debbie asked about using eloquence on an LG, as an example and if it'd have the same problems as had been mentioned on Samsungs, I'd of probably not responded as I have no experience with an LG, yet.

When referring to the Windows version of eloquence from CF, most of what I've herd are issues with it being sluggish on first starting it, crackling in it's speech, issues with licensing, etc. I also seem to recall that it's versions after 7 where the issues are more pronounced and that it works much better on Windows7, but I can't say. Either way, if you're also talking about the same issues with the Windows version that's been mentioned previously and saying that the version of eloquence for Android is even worse, then no, that's still very much untrue. If I could pay 20 dollars for the windows version and have it work as well as it does on my phone, I'd purchase it in a heartbeat. I'm not saying you're wrong and that you've not had issues with it, on what ever device you've tried it on, I was more so pointing out that there are quite a few users who find it to work much better than the version for windows.
Take care.

On 6/11/2017 4:01 AM, Rajmund wrote:
if the response was to me, for me, it works fine, but it's the quality. and no, I haven't tried it on a Samsung, so I know what I'm describing is not a samsung issue.
quality and reliability for me, are different things.
On 11/06/17 5:25 AM, Jeremy wrote:
This isn't entirely true. These issues with eloquence seem only to happen on certain devices, while on others, it works great. I'm using it as my primary TTS for my s7 and love it. I do notice that it acts funny if I want to use it as the TTS for applications such as the softbraille keyboard, the speech does this weird thing where it cuts off when speaking most of the letters you type for character echo, but with talkback and Samsung's Voice assist, it works beautifully. I'm more curious if this is some sort of weirdness in Samsung's firmwares as there's a number of people who use the TTS and have very little problems with it, but I really don't know. If it were me, I'd try it out and do the refund thing, if you find it doesn't work on the s8. I think the time in which you can get the refund is like 2 hours, so that should be enough time to see if it will work with Voice assist and Talkback. Also note that when you purchase it, it's attached to your google account so that means you can use it on any Android device that you use with that account.
Hope this helps.
Take care.

On 6/10/2017 5:25 PM, Rajmund wrote:
be warned! before you pay for it, the quality. if you've paid it won't matter yet. but if you haven't, please note, the quality of the code factory eloquence for android is much worse than what you're used to.

On 10/06/17 3:44 PM, Debbie April Yuille wrote:
Hi All

Is anyone running Eloquence with the Samsung Galaxy S8? If so, are you experiencing the issues described in other models of Samsung Phones, I.E. Cutting off certain words and things like that.



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