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Dennis <dennisl1982@...>

If you have time could you test them?

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LOL unfortunately you already beat me to two of the suggestions I would have made.
is the only other suggestion I have at the moment and like with CipherShed and VeraCrypt, I have not personally performed any testing.
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I was hoping to gather up some ideas/thoughts on PC applications, used
for different levels of encryption, more specifically, applications
that offer the same types of features as we had in packages like TrueCrypt.

Although you can still locate the download for the latest working
version of tc, I was wondering if anyone was familiar with anything to replace it.
I see that there are two current packages, both closely based on the
TrueCrypt source, VeraCrypt and CipherShed, so curious if anyone knew
of anything outside these.

For anyone else who may also be interested in such a beastie, this is
what I've noticed so far. First, if you want an interface that seems
to be pretty much a copy of the TrueCrypt interface, which by the way,
was really accessible, VeraCrypt may be exactly what you want. It also
seems to have been updated in some of its methods of encryption, which
is always nice. I can't speak to the accessibility of using a feature
like full disk encryption, or how we may go about booting into the
encrypted installation, and how well that works with a screenreader,
but it's all supported here.

Unfortunately, although the features in CipherShed also look pretty
nice, it doesn't appear that the package has gotten outside its
testing phase yet, so, I wasn't able to find a stable download. Either
way, these types of tools are really neat and useful, so wanted to see
if anyone could throw some more ideas my way.

Thanks and blessings.

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