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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

for me, trying to search for words on a victor reader stream, got me to appreciate my android and iPhone.

On 15/06/17 8:46 PM, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:
Gene, while your knowledge of technology is obviously vast, you seem
to like to tell people what to do and how to think and express their
ideas. I never said that other people couldn't text using the
numberpad. Clearly, several here have explained that they use them
successfully. I said that I couldn't. I tried to enter a simple word
and became extremely frustrated. It's not for me, and I'm not the
only one who experiences such difficulties.
On 15/06/2017, Rajmund <> wrote:
agree with keypad phones. they have to be more tedious than a touch
screen, or so I'd imagine.

On 14/06/17 7:04 PM, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:
I don't ever text, but even if I were to do so, I can't see how anyone
can write quickly with numbers. I actually researched the
letter/number combinations, out of curiosity, but I couldn't imagine
trying to navigate the Internet, etc. like that. My Kyocera Rally has
a regular telephone keyboard on it and no way to connect an external
qwerty. This is why, though it has a browser, I have never used that

On 14/06/2017, Pamela Dominguez <> wrote:
I don't know that it does. I just thought that it had a number pad of
buttons that you could feel. But if I'm wrong, I'm sure I will be
corrected. Pam.

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Hi all,

I believe the Samsung Gusto has a QWERTY keyboard.

Ann P.

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