Re: Name of App for reading Blood Sugar Levels


To use the Dexcom Share app he would have to have the Dexcom monitor which just monitors blood glucose levels via a sensor that gets inserted into the abdomen, thighs, back of arms or buttocks. The Dexcom monitor is different from a blood glucose meter. My 13 year old has a Dexcom monitor. It is my understanding that the wearer of the Dexcom sensor/transmitter needs an Apple device. Night Scout is another way to monitor blood glucose levels with the Dexcom but I am unfamiliar with Night Scout. My 13 year old has an iPhone so we use the Dexcom Share & Dexcom Follow apps which are in Apple supported apps. 

If you need more specifics on the Dexcom & its use you can contact me off list mermaid7@... 

H Everyone,
I would like to find an app that will work with an Android device so my husband can find out his blood sugar levels.
We have been told they are available.
He would prefer to use a tablet and not a cell phone.
According to some information I have been able to locate, the RCA 11 Galileo Pro 2-in-1 tablet with detachable keyboard is popular.
Would this device work with the blood sugar app?
Someone has recommended the app
which works with an iPhone.
Is there an equivalent of this app for an Android tablet?
Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
It would be nice to find an accurate app which would avoid him having to stick his finger to draw blood several times a day.
Thanks much for your assistance.
Pauline Dalton

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