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In VMWARE, when I put the ISO file,
chose the version of it, for me, the screen reader started automatically.

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last time i tried ubuntu mate it worked fine. i just hit alt windows s
or maybe control windows s and the screen reader started.

On 6/15/2017 7:27 PM, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:
Does anyone here use Linux? I am interested in trying it, to see if
it can serve as either a supplementary or a serious operating system
for me. I heard good things about Ubuntu Mate, but I couldn't get
Orca to start in it. After some research, I learned that other users
had the same issue. I tried Sonar, but the sound is so low that I
need to use headphones, even when my computer volume is at the highest
setting. Vinux works, but I have heard good and bad things about it.
Some people say that it's good, and others say that it's too far
behind regular Ubuntu and that there are better options available, not
specifically designed for the blind. Regardless of which version I
choose, I need something with good documentation or tutorials, as I am
new to all of this. Note that, while I am trying these on a Lenovo
Thinkpad X61 with a 2.20GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4gb of ram,
and a 148GB hard drive, if I choose to use Linux regularly, I will
probably install it on an Asus 1015E with a 1.1ghz Intel Celeron 847
dual core processor, 2gb of ram, and a 320gb hard drive.

My biggest concern with using any version of Linux is the espeak that
comes with Orca. They don't appear to have updated to the latest
engine, which means that the improvements that enable it to read
polytonic Greek won't be available to me. I am also worried about
updating programs in general, since, from what I know, it's different
from Windows. I don't really understand the concept, but I think it
has something to do with searching for files and downloading packages.

Finally, I am curious as to the different desktop environments. What
are the differences between Mate, Gnome3, and Unity, and do any others
exist? Which is the most accessible? how difficult, overall, will it
be for me to use Linux in general? Just to give you an idea of my
computing experience, I have used MSDOS, Windows (95, 98, XP, 7, 8,
and Mobile), OSX (Leopard and Snow Leopard), and Android (Jellybean
and Kit Kat). I didn't like Android or Windows 8, and could barely
tolerate OSX

Thank you,

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