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Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Now that's one I've yet to manage. The LFS deal has always looked interesting, but I never could figure out which documentation to use when working my way through building it. Were there any particular pages you used that you found to me most accurate with instructions, whatever and what all in the process did you have issues with, if any? I'm guessing that when you get the system built up, you update it similar to how you would in a rolling release type thing, is that correct?
Just curious.

On 6/15/2017 7:00 PM, Rob wrote:
Eleni Vamvakari <> wrote:
What are the differences between regular Ubuntu and Vinux?
They did some tweaking of the interface and included speech capabilities in the console. I haven't used Vinux for a long time; I'm a lInux From Scratch user nowadays.
What happened when you tried starting orca in vanilla ubuntu. Did you have sound at all? Did you try it from from the cd, or after you had it installed.
Have you tried Debian? They have a mate flavor as well, and, if you select speech during the install by hitting s then enter, your desktop will come up talking.
I can't answer as to the accessibility of various desktops very well, yet. I have pretty much stuck with Mate. It's fast, lightweight and small--well, small for a desktop anyway. It is a fork of Gnome 2, whicch was the best, in my opinion.

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