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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

hi, honestly, from all you've listed, I only experience speech cutting out. but I don't suppose that helps you.

On 17/06/17 1:45 AM, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:
I have used Firefox since at least version 17, and have seen many
changes since then, some of which are annoying and some of which I
barely noticed. But lately, amount of problems that I now face when
using it, and the fact that more seem to be appearing is making me
want to seriously search for an alternative. Here is a quick summary
of my issues. Can anyone help me resolve them?
1. NVDA keeps losing focus when I shift-tab between windows. For
example, I'll hear GMail, but then, immediately after that, it will
say desktop. Usually, the only ways that I can stop this are to
restart Firefox, which I have to exit using the Task Manager, or to
restart NVDA.
2. NVDA doesn't automatically switch to a new window when I open it.
3. The Firefox is not responding error" is more frequent than usual.
4. NVDA sometimes gets stuck while reading, and it takes a few seconds
for speech to return.
5. When in comboboxes, many times, NVDA will no longer read the
options. Instead, it's silent as I try to go through them, and the
page automatically switches to whatever option I'm on. I tried this,
using the same page, on both Firefox and Cometbird, and the latter had
no such issues.
6. When Firefox crashes, sometimes, it will ask me if I want to
restore my last session. Usually, I answer no. but most of the time,
it just opens whatever windows were open when it crashed. There used
to be a simple way to change this in options, but it no longer exists.
It has been this way for a while now, and I find this very annoying,
especially if I had many windows open.
7. In the options, there are no longer okay and cancel buttons. As
with the previous issue, this has been true for quite a while, and I
have no idea why they changed it.
8. Sometimes, when I hit a certain key (I don't know which one), NVDA
will say "developer tools" and then, I have to close the page in order
to get Firefox to read properly.
9. Sometimes, I'll hit the letter h to navigate by heading, and NVDA
will say "h elp" (not a typing error). When it does this, I again
have to close page in order to resolve the issue.
In the past, I have tried other browsers based on Firefox, but most of
them didn't work. The best replacement that I have found is
Cometbird, but sadly, this has not been updated in several years.
It's really a shame, as it's light, fast, responsive, and works with
most of my ad-ons. More importantly, I don't have any of the issues
with it that i do with regular Firefox. SeaMonkey also works, but is
a bit slower and seems not to keep accurate records of my history.
That is, if I visit ten sites and look in history, only a few will be
displayed. Plus, it can't use all of my ad-ons, the most important of
which is XMarks, for saving my bookmarks between computers. But since
I mostly use portable versions of things, that shouldn't really
matter. I then tried K-Meleon and Lunascape, but must learn how to
use them. The World worked well, but was very simple. What else is
Thank you,

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