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the button you are talking about isn't in Windows 7.  Simply do the following:
open the folder you want to search or open the c drive or whatever drive you want to search and don't be in a folder if you want to search the entire drive.
You can tab to the search edit field but that isn't necessary.  You can Use the short cut control e to move you to the search edit field.  Type whatever you want to search for.
The search begins automatically.  All you have to do is type, you don't even have to press enter.
Tab a number of times to a list view where results are found.  Results are automatically added to the list as they are found.  There may be nothing in the field when you tab to it and while you remain hhere, if you check by up and down arrowing in the field every little while, you will see files, if anything has been found.

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Hi Gene,

I'd be interested in the instructions for using the file search.  That
is, so long as when I finish going through the dialog it doesn't have a
button that says "Do you want to find this file now?"   That dialog
used to make me seethe every, single time I had to use it.  I think
they quit having that button by win2000, but I have to say that after
going through a dialog that had ten options including date, size,
file-type, last modified, and on and on, getting the "Do you want to
find this file now?" question just about made me want to throw the
computer out the window!  When *would* I want to find the file?  Next
Tuesday? Next Christmas? When?   Arrrghghgh!!!

Ann P.

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> Regarding search in Windows 7, you probably had problems searching
> because you were using the start menus search and not the specific file
> search Windows 7 provides. I never use the start menu search to search
> for files in Windows 7. If you want me to explain how to use the
> effective file search utility, I will. It's as easy or easier than
> searching in XP and it's simple and easy to use.
> Gene

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