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Eleni Vamvakari

I know that these phones existed in the past. I don't care if it's
modern or not. I just want a phone with internet connectivity, a
built-in keyboard, and a screen reader.

What is thiS RCA tablet and how big is it? Can the touchscreen be
deactivated? I didn't realise that they make tablets with build-in

On 17/06/2017, Jeremy <> wrote:
No, I think you're right. While the ability to move around through the
interface exists in Android, just as it does in IOS, it's more so
something that goes along with the screenreader. The two are actually
pretty similar, but that's speaking from using an external bluetooth
keyboard, so not sure about a device with one built in.

If I were to expect navigation on the Priv or any other device with a
keyboard, I'd look for the keys that I'd use on an external one for
navigating. Just as with IOS, it requires that you use a key, along with
the arrows to move around, I think it's the alt key, so if it had it,
I'd not see why it wouldn't work. The RCA tablet is a good example of
this. As it has a full-sized laptop keyboard with an alt key, the
talkback commands for moving around in the interface work just fine.
there may also be differences in using a modifier key such as alt in
conjunction with the arrows on a keyboard like that, compared to that on
the Priv which might make it not work, but I can't say.

On 6/17/2017 4:07 PM, Gene wrote:
Are there any? Perhaps, but I'm not optomistic. Phone designers
probably assume that the keyboard is desired for typing in contexts of
texting, writing e-mails, that sort of thing. but it is probably
assumed that in actually operating the phone, that the user will use a
touch screen. I believe Apple phones do let you control the phone
with a Blue Tooth keyboard and Android don't. But I'm telling you
what I recall from conversations I've seen on lists awhile ago. If
I'm wrong, I hope to be corrected. But since phones are designed for
sighted users, I doubt that phone designers in general would go
through the extra time and trouble to make the phone fully
functionable with a keyboard.
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Thank you for posting this. It seems that this is not the phone for
me. I don't want a keyboard with sliding, swiping, etc. I just want
a normal keyboard, with real keys, that you press to operate the
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I agree, it can be hit and miss.

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I knew that the keyboard was touch sensitive, but that's not quite
the same
as using the keys themselves for navigation.
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There has been discussion about keyboard screen navigation.
Here is a post from Eyes-Free, a Google list:


You can scroll up and down lists on it, slide up or down with one
finger on the keyboard.

When you type a word, if you slide up on the keyboard with one finger
repeatedly it'll supposedly cycle among possible choices for the word
you typed, though last time I tried it, it kept typing the word
immediately when I did that and putting a space after it, and swiping
up again was just adding another suggested word that it thought might
make sense paired with the previous word, and thus I could keep
swiping up to add lots of random words, lol. This might be because
Iuse GBoard as my software keyboard, if it was Blackberry keyboard I'm
assuming this would work properly.

You can slide left to delete by a word every time you do it.
You can slide right to select the word you chose with swiping up and
insert a space, when it works properly that is.

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