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Hi Gene,


The time limit for rolling back to the previous Windows version is 10 days. Unfortunately for me, it had been 16 days, so I had to perform a clean install from the ISO image. This meant that I also had to install most of the drivers for the Anniversary version which I reverted back to. I had no audio after the reversion, and had to rely on sighted help to install the audio driver. Performing a simple update should not cause someone so much trouble. We live and learn I suppose.






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We don't know if there is one problem or more.  We know there is a problem with some drivers, but problems such as with Internet Explorer and with other programs were reported.  Drivers don't affect such programs.  I'm not sure what the best thing to do is.  Perhaps the best thing is to roll back to your previous configuration.  I believe you have about a month to do so.  At some point, the update will be forced on you but with luck, that may not be for awhile.  If you have problems when you update again, even if drivers are available, I'm not sure what the next step should be.  But at least, rolling back might stop the problems for now. 


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Hi. I would suggest if the problem is major unbareable u download the windows 10 latest iso and start clean


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Hello Tech Talk group,


My name is Michael. For all of you people who have joined since I was last a member of this group. Hello to you for the first time, and to all of you long timers, hello, again.


I now have a Lenovo Desktop PC which came with Windows 10 installed from the factory. A couple of weeks ago I updated to the Windows 10 Creator’s update, and I immediately began experiencing problems with my Office apps as well as Internet Explorer and some other built-in Windows apps. After ruling out a problem with my computer and a Jaws problem, I then discovered that Lenovo has not yet released the Creator’s update compapible drivers for many of their products. I was wondering if some of you other list members might be Lenovo owners and have experienced the same issue? I would be interested to know. Thanks.






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