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Ah yes, I should have mentioned
but this one is flagged for moderator use only.  Any messages using the
Hashtag, will be marked as "special".

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I have created a few new Hashtags for those who use them.  A description of Hashtags and there uses from the help section is below.  While Hashtags can be useful for organizing and searching topics in the archives, they are not a requirement on this list so if you don't care to use them, you can feel free to ignore this post.
The new ones I have included are as follows:
A hashtag is a word or unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character, #.
Applying hashtags to messages
You “tag” a message with a hashtag by including it somewhere in the subject line of the message. For example:
• My name is Mark #intro
• Seeking #advice for a #rosebush with blackened leaves
Hashtags already in use in the group can be applied to a message by selecting from the “Add Tags” dropdown menu that appears below the subject line. Or,
they can simply be typed into the subject line. Typing a hashtag into a subject line will create a new hashtag for the group if it did not exist before.
A new hashtag can also be created by clicking on “Create Hashtag” at the bottom of the hashtag list.
A hashtag has an effect only if placed on the first message in a topic, and will be applied to all messages within the topic. (Note that although it is
possible to add a hashtag to the subject of an emailed reply by editing the subject, this has no effect; the hashtag will be included in the subject line
for members receiving messages via email, but will not be included in the subject line of the archived message or of any other messages within the topic.)
Display of hashtags in the group archive
To make hashtags stand out better in the archive, any hashtags placed at the beginning or middle (rather than at the end) of a message’s subject will be
duplicated at the end of the subject, using whatever background color was chosen for the hashtag. Thus, the subject of the message in the second example
above would be displayed in the archive as
• Seeking #advice for a #rosebush with blackened leaves #advice #rosebush
Uses of hashtags
Hashtags have several uses within, including searching and controlling certain behaviors of topics and messages.
Searching: Hashtags can be searched on to easily find all messages tagged with it. If a group uses a hashtag called #intro for new member introductions,
for example, then clicking on it in the hashtag list will produce all messages in which new group members have introduced themselves.
Muting: Group members who read their messages via email can click on “Mute” for any hashtag at the bottom of the email to stop receiving messages tagged
with that hashtag. (Note: hashtags set to “Special” cannot be muted. See below.)
Automatic time-out: If a hashtag’s Topic Duration is set, topics tagged with it will be deleted (or, if specified, locked) after that period of time. This
can be a useful feature when a topic will be obsolete after a certain amount of time, for example messages about items for sale.
Special notices: If a hashtag is set to Special, all messages tagged with it will be sent as Special Notices. (Note: hashtags set to Special cannot be
No Email: If a hashtag is set to No Email, all messages tagged with it will be posted to the web but not sent out as emails.
Moderated: If a hashtag is set to Moderated, messages sent to topics tagged with it will require approval by a moderator.
Reply to sender: If a hashtag is set to Reply to Sender, all responses will go privately to the sender and not to the group.

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