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It is not just distracting. It is wrong. There is no such thing as a numpad key which would confuse many listeners.

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Hi all,

Gene, what was so puzzling was that he kept saying numpad+7 as if I had to press a key called numpad. What he should have said was numpad7. As I said earlier, I'm very literal when it comes to keystrokes, and that's why I was confused. If I knew to whom to write, I'd suggest redoing that section of the tutorial because for literalists like me, it's distracting.

Ann P.

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I haven't used the tutorial but numpad 7 is used to identify the key and it should be used with the numlock off. No one would know what is being discussed if the instructor said numpad home, which is actually what it is with the numpad off and if it isn't being used by a program. All such commands in NVDA, numpad 8 and 9, etc. are identified as numbers.
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