Re: making a new aircraft


About the jet engine sound from Redspot, no, you can't get it out of the dat file. The sounds are packaged in a dat file specifically to keep you from messing with them, and they cannot be extracted without the decryption key. If you really want it that much, you'd have more luck asking Sam for it.

On 6/27/2017 11:51 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

I really like the eurofly audio game for windows flight simulator, its so realistic. anyway I want to create the concorde aircraft for the game by modifying a text file, easy enough. questions though. where can I get the specifications for the concorde aircraft? and I like the jet engine sound used in the game RedSpot but the sounds are in a dat file. How do I get that particular sound? also i would like to improve the plane engine start up and shut down sounds, not sure what mp3 file it is though. does anyone on here know? note that eurofly is an extremely realistic game. once installed the audio game is over a gig with realistic maps from google maps and stuff. but you can even play it on my low powered AMD a6 quad core cpu it plays great.



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