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so in terms of drivers, what would I be looking for? also, how is the unattended script different to speech, and would I have speech all the way through, while doing this via the PE?
but thanks for the reminder, but reading an article earlier, and because of my 8.1, I remembered to backup the key, but can't remember any utilities to do it right now. but I'll have to get there first.

On 28/06/17 4:19 PM, Carlos wrote:
SharpKeys is accessible and remapping keys is simple.
There are basically two ways to install Windows 7 without sighted assistance. One is using an unattended script, and the other as you say is by booting into WinPE and initiating the installation with speech. In both cases, you will need your product key. Also, you should download any drivers specific to your model from the manufacturer's website in advance. Windows is not guaranteed to find drivers for everything and you could wind up stuck without internet access for example.
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Hi All,
As I mentioned it briefly the other week, I'm in the look out for a smaller than what I have laptop, for carrying and transporting purposes. It would seem, however, that to get a decent one, I need to go into the 12/14 inch screen, with windows 7. these are the ones with at least 4 Gigs of RAM, an I3 or greater processor, so on. Since I don't see the keyboard when buying, here is my first question. This one mainly applies to dells, as, while they last for a long time, from what I hear, they lack the... Applications key! According to some articles, we can remap the keys, and turn, for instance, right-alt-plus-ctrl into a context menu key. given that I haven't used that key not even once, as far as I'm aware, since I use windows, this would work. Which leads to the first question. Is remapping keys is as easy as downloading SharpKeys, and just changing the settings? I can't imagine it being too accessible, but can't hurt to ask.
The second question is that most of these run windows 7. I've used it in the past, I know how to use it; it's all good. Except that these things have obviously been used before, and me being my paranoid self, am thinking of clean installing, as I have done it with my previous laptops, in the past. given that this is not windows 10, so the option is not built in, and given that this is not windows 8, either, so I can't just plug in a USB, and let it do it's thing, how would I go about doing this? Carlos, is this when your PE images would come into view? I guess I can figure out how to boot the thing into the the power menu, and boot it from a, say, USB, but is as far as the knowledge goes. I would want to do these without sighted, but if the worse comes to the worse, I can get sighted. Now, I know I can get SharpKeys, and try them on a VM, but a VM, is sometimes different to a standard installation.
And if someone is about to tell me to install windows 10 with the accessibility link, honestly, no ideas if I want to do it. Partly it being windows 10, and partly it being if it doesn't work out, or drivers, or something, that pops up later on, I'll be causing myself a headache. because yes, true enough, could format 10 without anyone. but for now, I need to know how I'd go about doing 7, and if anyone has done remapping, and can share, that would be great. once again, though, the key, I'm not overly concerned about, that's just a matter of if anyone used it, but the windows 7 reinstallation is my main question here.
Thanks all.

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