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Welcome Beth,
And definitely some good tech memories.

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Hello. My name is Beth. I live in Denver, Colorado. I have been an avid tech geek for as long as I can remember. Anyone remember Windows 95? When that thing came out, my dad bought the family our first computer, but JAWS was not so advanced. Laptops were bulky, and remember when the first one was invented? I cannot remember when the first laptop was invented, I think I was born at that time. But I do remember seeing in a blurb online that it had a tape deck, a floppy disc drive, a printer of all things. Imagine carrying that big old clunker around. lol But my tech geek history goes back, about to 95 for Windows and then some. But my real exposure to computers began with Apple and Echo. Remember?
Does anyone remember also some of the games from back then? Space invaders? Oh God, I can barely remember anything else.
Also, I had a whole history with JAWS and work related computing written in my blog. The URL of that blog is in the signature at the bottom. Also, all contacts are at the bottom. So yall are welcome to contact me with any questions.
My current tech consists of the Asus laptop I"m renting, Comcast accessible TV box, which has made me break the bank. Ugh. And I also use a BrailleNote when it is not flat. Ugh. I may have to wait a month to get that fixed unless I can pay with a Visa gift card. Also, I have a $209 cable/internet/phone bill. But Comcast can't get a triple promo going, so yeah I'm stuck paying big bucks for the stuff that people think is a luxury. Well, if yo looked at my building, you would be using tech to secure the door, so I have to in turn secure my apartment. What we do is you walk in the outer door, type in a code given to you by the resident and then the resident picks up his/her phone and then hits 9 and boom, you're in.
That's all the tech I use. I also have an Android phone, which qualifies as high tech as well.
Anyway, before I write the Great American Novel, I will close with a thank you Carlos for inviting me to this group. Yall can contact me on or off the group. Thanks.

Beth Taurasi, Windows 10 edition,
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