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actually, if you have an XP, say, virtual machine, you can still get all the updates. as for the image, last I looked, I found some by googling it, but as you say, the credibility.

On 27/06/17 10:34 AM, Carlos wrote:
LOL that is unless I upload a copy which I just remembered I created some
time ago. Although you will have to wait a while for me to upload the
image. Just be aware that such an image is probably not going to be
officially available anywhere. Certainly not from any source I would
consider trustworthy. Why would Microsoft even create such an image when
they've ended support for XP?
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This may be out of date but can I still get all hotfixes and patches to
xp and can I download an oem iso to burn which is bootable that is on
sp3 and professional that has all hotfixes and patches applied; English
version, thanks.
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