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the audio lag is still present, and I, at least, have audio stutter issues with my XP, but doesn't happen with anything else.

On 28/06/17 4:39 AM, Austin Pinto wrote:
ok. i some how started the download.
does any1 run windows xp using vmware player 12? the last time i ran
and if i played any audio including nvda there was serious drag in the
On 6/28/17, Austin Pinto <> wrote:
how do i download this? do i need to signin?

On 6/28/17, Carlos <> wrote:
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And then I can burn a dvd using the built-in win10 utility and it is
bootable, right?
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There are a few ways of doing this. One way is to open the image using
ISO editor such as UltraISO, add Winnt.sif, and then resave the image.
you don't own UltraISO and don't want to pay for it, you can extract the
image using something like 7-Zip, add Winnt.sif, and then create a new
bootable image using this free utility.
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